"Rebecca had never heard anyone scream like that. It was so loud, so painful, so devastating."

When Rebecca and Jack arrive to stay with Caroline, they know very little about her. She is Mum's sister but Mum hasn't talked to her for years.

Caroline knows very little about them either. She says one room is strictly out of bounds. She doesn't realise this is a temptation too great for Jack to resist...


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brokenlatestcover (1).jpg



Netherlands Edition for English Language Learners.

Young Blackbirds


ISBN 9001 55985 9



Broken is suitable for the 11-14 age group and is published by Andersen Press priced 5.99

ISBN: 1-84270-174-6

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BROKEN - an email from Imogen in Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex

Hello Penny!

Yesterday I was in an English lesson and I had forgotten my reading book so I picked a book randomly off the bookcase and it happened to be 'Broken'. I had never heard of it before but the cover looked good so I started to read.

I thought it was brilliant! It wasn't something I would normally read because my teacher is trying to encourage us onto all the classics, but I didn't want to spend the lesson doing nothing. I took it home yesterday and finished it this afternoon. I was really glad I read it because it is really well written and was so believable.

I am really interested in writing stories I would love to write professionally one day. It would be so great! If not I will always keep it as a hobby.Well done on the book. It was fantastic.

'Pleasurably scary'


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BROKEN - a review by Alicia, age 12, London

Broken is an excellent book. It is about a boy and girl whose mum is on drugs. She has to go to a drug clinic but she has nowhere for her children to go, and they would be distraught it they had to go into care. Their mum suddenly announces that she has a sister! They have to stay with her, she is a grand woman, looks tight and strict with short hair.

She has a valued collection of china figures and when one gets broken she is devastated! But when bad things start to happen, they wonder if they are accidental. There is a hidden secret about their aunt and they are determined to find out what it is.

I liked this book because it is interesting and nice and easy to read. I would recommend it to anyone because it is brilliant and I couldn't stop reading! The description was very good and because the children were my age I saw how they coped in the situation and it makes me think how I would cope. The type of book this is is exciting and mysterious. Overall I enjoyed reading it and can't wait for your next book.

BROKEN:  extract from an Essay by Rron, Age 13, Amsersfoot, the Netherlands.

As a reader I was totally convinced that everything had happened some day and can happen some day. It seems such a true story. At the end of every chapter there was a cliffhanger and I just have to read on.

The title has a secret message. The china figures weren't the only thing that was broken. Hearts were broken as well. This book is not comparable to any film or other book. That's what I like about it, I really think this is a unique story.

BROKEN - email from Christina, aged 11

I LOVED this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I would say that is has suspense that could make you read the whole book in one day! If you ever come to America- I would LOVE to meet you, it would be an honor! We live in Dayton, Ohio. 

BROKEN - a review by Emmy, Age 11, London.

I am writing to tell you that I really enjoyed your book BROKEN. I found it gripping and exciting. I liked the suspense and the way how, in the beginning things started quickly and got right into the action. My teacher says that is always a sign of a good book.

My favourite writer is Jaqueline Wilson but you are also my favourite. Your work is like Jaqueline Wilson and that is one of the reasons I like it.


'A thrilling mystery story, with twists and suspense in each chapter'


BROKEN  - an email from Joep Payens, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Just a short note to let you know that I finished your novel 'Broken' this morning and that I enjoyed it very, very much.

I teach English to Dutch lower vocational school youngsters in the age group 14-17.  Every year there are two or three pupils who like reading and have sufficient knowledge of English. And I will definitely recommend your book to them!

In my view 'Broken' has a nice flow. The length of the chapters is well-chosen. The language is not too difficult and the many themes will appeal to young readers, especially my pupils who often come from the lower social classses and have to face many problems both with their friends as well as at home (if they have one at all).

I  just wanted to let you know this and the next time I'm in Amsterdam (Waterstones) or in England (my sister lives in Sutton) I will definitely look out for your other titles.


BROKEN: A review by Ria (adult) in Pijnacker(near Delft in the Netherlands)

I have enjoyed reading your book very much. When I started with reading I found it very special and I could not stop reading till the end. It is a fantastic book. You are a captivating writer. I thank our teacher that she selected the book for us, so that we could read it.

BROKEN - a review by Anna, Age 13

The reason I liked this story so much was because it was set in Southwold, a place where I have had so many happy holidays.  

At the end of every chapter, there was a cliffhanger and I just has to read on. At the beginning of the book, I didn't really like Caroline. I felt she was cold and nasty but as I read on and her character developed, I found out why she was being like that and now I know that she wasn't so bad after all. 

I like the mystery of the story, such as things going wrong that could be linked to the broken ornament. Also the mystery of why Caoline and the children's Mum had fallen out with each other.

The way the children spoke and the fact that there Mum had a drug problem made the story seem realistic as it showed the problems of today.

But what I liked best of all was the happy memories of Southwold such as crabbing, kite flying, beach huts and the pier.  

This story, like the amber on Southwold beach is a real gem!


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