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Can You Hear Me? 


Only the ghost knows the truth...

 Hear the author read an extract from this book

It sounded like a boy's voice, distant but clear. Leah jerked back, hitting her head on the wall for the second time that night. She knew she was awake this time.

'Don't shout or anything. Just nod if you can hear me,' said the voice.


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When the ghost of a boy appears in her bedroom, Leah finds out he lived in the house in the 1970s. But how did he die? And why does nobody seem to know he is dead? Leah's attempts to unravel the truth lead her into unexpected danger...

Can You Hear Me? is suitable for 11-14 year olds and is published by Andersen Press priced £4.99.

ISBN 978-1-84270-682-4


Viki, aged 13, Coventry

 I have recently read your books Broken, Christina's Face & Can You Hear Me? I couldn't put any of them down and often got told off for reading them when i wasn't meant to be. The thing was they were so great i couldn't put them down to sleep. I have read other  books since but non of them have ever beat CAN YOU HEAR ME? My all time favourite.

William, age 10, Leicestershire

 I am very ingrosed in your book can you hear me im at chapter 28. The reson why i emaild you was because i apsolutly love your book. I never used to like reading but now it's like have to read 24-7 I just cant put my book down. So im thanking you for writing this book and bringing reading into my life.


Ayush, age 10

I really love the book Can You Hear Me?

When i read your books, there feels like there's is sort of an imaginary force that is tugging me towards it. I really can't believe how good the suspense is, i was absolutely terrified when i read the line 'Honey I'm home' said a sneering voice from downstairs.But the thing that I am most curious about is what happens to Mark at the end.

Can You Hear Me? It is the best book i have ever read!


Billie, age 14, London

I just wanted to thank you for making my holiday a lot more interesting! I don't tend to enjoy mystery books,  but last year I went to Cyprus with my family, and my parents,  knowing that I read at an insane rate, brought a ton of books, which  included Can You Hear Me. It wasn't what I associate with a typical  mystery. I always (Probably wrongly) imagine them to be Agatha 
Christie-like, with detectives and suspects etc. But your book was  completely different. The characters were far easier to identify  with, and much more believable. I read it within a day, and I  remember sitting on the beach nearly crying because it was so moving.  Since it was a library book and we had to give it back when we got  home, I can't remember the exact details, which is annoying. But as  somebody who is very interested in the popular culture of the past 50  years (particularly music) it was interesting to hear about a  teenager's life in the 1970s. I seem to remember that Mark liked The 
Stranglers? I love them! Golden Brown is one of my favourite songs.  It was great to read a book that dealt with a time period I am so  interested in.
I am probably at the upper end of the spectrum age wise for the book  - I was nearly fourteen when I read it, and I'm nearly fifteen now -  but it didn't feel too young at all. I was so interested in the idea  of one's own personal ghost (friendly, obviously) I ended up spending  the rest of my holiday typing up my own ghost story.


Charlene, age 13, Leicester

I am half way through reading your book. I think it is like a giant cliffhanger.  I think that the front cover is eyecatching. I was on my toes while reading the book, wondering what would happen next. It's an extremely interesting book so far, and I am  really enjoing it, it was hard to put down. it makes me feal like I am part of the book.
I was wondering if i waould be possible if you could make it into a movie cuz it was great reading it and it would be even better watching it.


Bronte, age 12, SA, Australia

I just finished the book. It was brilliant! I was on my toes. Wondering what would happen next. My favourite characters were Leah and Jess. Jess was so adorable, though I know what it would be like to have a sister like that.

I loved the book so much. I'm going to read it again. Then your other books!


 Joe, age 11, Hertfordshire

It's an extremely interesting book, and I really enjoyed it, and wanted to know what happened next, which made it hard to put down. I felt like I was part of the book, and prayed for the characters to be alright because it seemed so real!

Martha, age 11, West Yorkshire

I am on page 260 of 'Can you hear me?' and I am really enjoying it. I really like the way you tell us what happened to Mark and his mother as Leah tries to find out that part. I think that the front cover is really eye catching too.

This is the first book I have read of yours but I am going to read much more now.

Luc, age 11, Potters Bar

I really enjoyed the characters with each new one putting a different picture of a person in my mind. I didnít manage to put the book down for about 4 hours from start to finish! I think it was a great book with a fantastic storyline and I am looking forward to reading your other books.

Elizabeth Hawkins (Author)

I have just finished Can you Hear Me? I think it is terrific. You lull the reader with your ordinary girl, Leah, with whom we can all identify, and then lead us into the most extraordinary things that happen to her. It's very intriguing and compelling. Many congrats! Your plot is excellent and the ending works well, leaving one with a feeling of a satisfied read.

Can't wait for the next.

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