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"You probably think you are the only person in the world with your face, unless you're an identical twin, that is. Well I'm here to tell you that may not be the case. I know because of what happened to me last summer. I know, because of Christina."



Nothing lately has gone the way Rachel wants. She is fed up with her own family problems but is unaware that she is about to be caught up in someone else's.

When she arrives on holiday, she is disturbed to find she keeps being mistaken for a girl called Christina. Who is Christina and why has she gone missing? The uncanny likeness draws Rachel further and further into the mystery, with dramatic consequences...


Christina's Face is suitable for 10-14 year olds and is published by Andersen Press(2001) priced £4.99.

    ISBN: 0-86264-757-6


Good, edge-of-seat drama in exotic setting.’ 



Christina's Face - a review by Rosie, age 11, Devon.

 I am one of the hundreds who have read Christina's Face. I thought it was a brilliant book and it was full of mystery. I thought that you had ended the book on a cliffhanger. I thought I would write and ask you wheather you were planning a sequel to follow on from Christina's Face. If you are could you write to me and tell me. I thought that Christina's Face was a brilliant book.

Christina's Face - a review by Rie Maki, age 12, Hong Kong

This book was amazing, it was full of surprises and ended with a twist. Christina's Face was quite adventurous and mysterious. The characters were realistic and whenever I had to shut the book, I wriggle around in my seat waiting for the time to pick up the book and continue reading in my spare time. My favourite character had to be Eleni because even though she didn't speak English properly, her mistakes were quite funny and Penny Kendal didn't exaggerate on the inproper grammar Eleni made. There wasn't a part of the book that I would've changed.


A review by Silje, age 15, Norway.

I loved the book so did my friend. it was wery exciting i read the book out after one day because i could not stop reading and i think that everybody should read your book i recomend it. It is great, fantastic. I saw Rachel in my head and i saw where she were and everyboby she were talking to and when i do that i realy like a book.

'A holiday book with a big difference!'



A review by Anna, age 12

I really enjoyed reading 'Christina's Face’. I thought the plot was really interesting and from the very first chapter, I couldn’t put it down! I found it especially gripping towards the end when Rachel and Eleni discover the truth about Christina's disappearance. I thought it was very intriguing when Rachel unraveled the mystery of why she was repeatedly mistaken for Christina.

'An intriguing and compelling story'



CHRISTINA’S FACE –  a review by Laura, age 13, Barnet

I read your book Christina’s Face and thought it was fabulous. It took me three days to read it because I got so into it and just couldn’t put the book down. My favourite part was when Rachel found out that there was a girl with her face! It got me thinking for a while since I had seen a person in Italy who looked like a spitting image of my friend. It was so freaky. I am going to carry on reading the rest of your books because they look just as good!

'An exciting and deeply satisfying read'



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