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'Zoe came running towards Sara and clung to her wailing. Her face was full of terror and she was gasping for breath. She pulled at Sara, dragging her back towards the cottage.'

Sara is anxious when their mother's new partner brings his children to stay for the weekend. She desperately wants the first visit to be a success.

The five children plan to turn an old summer house into a den but the weekend is ruined when Zoe sees something scary in the garden. What has frightened her?


weekend ghost cov.jpg












THE WEEKEND GHOST is suitable for children age 9 + and is published by Andersen Press priced £3.99

    ISBN: 0-86264-935-8




'Children will enjoy the suspense of this story by a talented new author'


 Dear Penny

I read your book 'The Weekend Ghost' and I finished it when my brother was playing rugby. I really enjoyed it. My favourite bit was right at the end because it was a happy ending to a brilliant story. Yours faithfully

Esther (Yr 3/4 Foulds School, Barnet)

P.S. Please keep writing ghost stories because they're really interesting.


A review by Jennifer, aged 11, Yorkshire

This is a perfect book about five children. Their names are ZoŽ, Lauren, Jake, Sara and Robert. My favourite character was Sara because she believed ZoŽ and tried to communicate with the ghost. I think Robert should be a little more friendly. Other than that the book was great.

As soon as I started this book I could not put it down. I was up in bed till half past eleven reading when I fell asleep with the book in my hands. When I woke up I started reading again. At nine I put the book down, got dressed and picked it up again. I read it walking down the stairs to the kitchen for breakfast. That shows how good the book is.


A review by Rozena, age 11+1/6

I really liked this book because it showed the love that families have for one another.

I thought that the vocabulary that was used was a very wide range and that it had an equal balance of narrative, dialogue and description. I really like stories that have a horror theme, and although this book wasn't the type where your best friend tries to kill you, I found it really good and I shall recommend it to all my friends.

'You can't put it down!'





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